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Dark chocolate is one of the highest antioxidant foods in the world and it is little wonder that modern medicine is just beginning to catch onto its qualities that have been used for centuries. Often we associate chocolate with weight gain and cholestorol however research shows that cocoa butter is high in saturated fats but it does not raise cholesterol due to stearic acid levels that lower the level of serum cholesterol. Dark chocolate due to a lower percentage of sugars and fats, associated with milk based products, is by far the most healthy and this is very indicative of the change in the market today.

It has been proven that chocolate does not cause acne and that indeed the cafine content is so low that associated ideas of head aches and hyperactivity are simply unfounded.

Chocolate conatins vitimins A B C D E, iron, calcium, potassium and high levels of magnesium. Stacked full of trace elements and the ability to release ‘feel good chemicals’ called endorphins who can argue with the benifits of chocolate.

Although we are somewhat biased here at Whistler’s we do realise that it is wishful thinking to imagine that eating chocolate is healthy for you, however even the hardest critic would concede that chocolate is basically a reasonable component of a balanced diet.

So just eat lots of chocolate guilt free!