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Making Chocolate

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Making chocolate is a long and slow process where traditional and ancient know how is combined with very scientific production techniques. The following is a brief description of the path from bean to bar which is one well worth taking a closer look at.

Growing Beans – Beans are grown in hot humid conditions under the follage of rain forests.

Harvesting Beans – The beans are harvested twice a year when the trees are mature by hand.

Fermentation – The beans and pulp are removed from the pods and left to furment to create taste.

Drying – The beans are spread out on racks to dry and gain their typical dark brown colour.

Roasting – This key stage brings out the taste of the bean by oven roasting.

Blending – Varities of beans are blended to give required balances of strength and flavour.

Grinding/Refining – The bean are ground to make chocolate liquor and other chocolate by products.

Adding Ingredients – Like all dishes a recipe is followed that combines cocoa based products with milk and sugar.

Conching – This is the grinding and mixing of the ingredients to form a smooth palatable product.

Tempering – is the process of heating to a degree that will ensure the perfect crystallization of the cocoa butter.

Eating – the easiest stage and the most enjoyable.